Eyam At Eyam Church

Eyam At Eyam Church

We first created this piece 10 years ago.  It was performed at The Grange Arts centre and captured the imagination of a BBC Director who was searching for a story of sacrifice to make a documentary about.  In no time we were re-working the piece ready to be performed in Eyam in collaboration with the BBC.  Now, 10 years on, it has been an amazing opportunity to re-imagine, revisit and develop the piece for a new cast and audience. There are new scenes, new music and new characters but the essence remains the same, rooted in the original story, in the courage and resolve of that small Derbyshire community all those years ago.

Our version of this remarkable event in history has been created through research and exploration of the true events of 1665 and 1666, mixed with our own imaginations and a little inspiration from some brilliant fictional versions of the story.  Where possible, we have tried to remain true to what we know of the real story and characters but with the events dating back 350 years it hasn’t been possible to be completely accurate.

As always, we are lucky enough to work with an astounding cast of young performers who have thrown themselves whole heartedly into telling this story with tremendous talent, commitment and honesty.  We are delighted this time to have invited a few of our newly formed adult group to perform in the piece.  For some of them, this is their stage debut and an incredible experience that we are so glad to have been able to share with them.
More than anything, we hope to help keep this incredible story alive for the next generation. We are honoured and humbled to have been invited to be part of Eyam Village’s 350 year commemorations.

Eyam is a humbling tale of tragedy and loss but ultimately the spirit and strength of the community emerges through the bleakness.  It is hard to imagine that a story from 350 years ago can still resonate so deeply now, but the story of Eyam can and does.  It is possibly one of the most inspiring and life affirming tales you might ever hear.

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