Welcome to Connect, one of the new ways we will be working with you to help strengthen existing local programmes and to create new opportunities through participation in the performing arts. 

We are independent consultants working alongside Oldham Theatre Workshop and Oldham Coliseum Theatre. We want to connect with you and to find out how can we improve Oldham’s theatre and performing arts offer to schools and communities? 

Tell us your story. What is missing from your cultural experiences? How can we better involve you in the future? 

We can put your questions forward and findings from these consultations will feed directly into the planning of future cultural activity in the town. 

We’ll be reaching out to schools and community groups to arrange time for a chat or a creative activity!


We now have an opportunity in Oldham to examine and perhaps reset the way arts and culture is delivered, and to work with key partners, existing and new, to create an exciting new cultural enterprise for the town. One that is fully representative and reflects the diversity of Oldham (cultural and socio-economic). 

One of the key objectives is to create and deliver a learning and engagement programme, led and delivered through a strategic partnership between Oldham Theatre Workshop & Oldham Coliseum Theatre Ltd. 

This partnership will seek to engage a diverse range of communities from across Oldham in the arts as creators, participants and audience members. 

By clicking on the relevant button below, you can find out more about how to get involved.

Whether you’re a primary school, a secondary school, a college or any other educational establishment in Oldham we want to connect with you.

Whether you’re an individual, a family, a charity, faith-based organisation, campaigning group, Community Interest Company, Social Enterprise or any other community group in Oldham regardless of its incorporation status, we want to connect with you.



Yemi has worked in theatre outreach, children and family arts, creative education for over 7 years in Manchester, whilst developing a successful  freelance career as a professional musician for 10 years. Bringing both of these experiential perspectives to the learning and engagement role, means a hands on, practicable and creative approach to education and partnerships with real life opportunities at the core.

Yemi is passionate about how we can use creativity to enhance the curricular offer and improve learning pathways for children and their families alike; a better cultural engagement to the needs of the community. Yemi is a keen bird spotter, loves word games and salsa dancing!


Abir is an engagement practitioner and producer based in Manchester with diverse experience working in the art and heritage sectors. Abir’s practice is centred around co-creation and participation as she thrives to unlock the potential positive role of arts and culture in society. She’s also passionate about making art relevant and accessible for the many, not the few.

Abir is the co-founder and creative producer of Celebrating Syria: a Festival of Arts and Culture, a 2019 Manchester Cultural Awards winner. Abir enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with friends.

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