DATE: 24/12/2022
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: 03 - 24 December 2022
The Night The Frost Fell 24/12/2022

03 - 24 December 2022

Oldham Theatre Workshop are back with a new magical family musical this Christmas at the Oldham Library Performance Space.

The same team that brought you ‘Twinkle and The Mechanical Light Machine’ and ‘The Secret Of Christmas Eve’ have created ‘The Night The Frost Fell’ and can’t wait to share it with you this December!

A child with a wish for Christmas. A town that lives in the shadow of a curse. A place where everyone knows the legend of Jack Frost.

On a dark and cold Christmas Eve the North winds wake the sleeping spirit and the whole town begins to freeze until time itself stands still.

With time frozen and the frost getting thicker, Bobbi goes on an adventure to the mysterious world of snow and ice where polar bears roam and ice sprites make their magic. Can Bobbi discover how to lift the curse, melt the frost and save Christmas? Will her Christmas wish finally come true?

A delightful story with magical characters and enchanting music The Night the Frost Fell is a captivating tale sure to thaw even the coldest of hearts.

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