DATE: 09/05/2011
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: United Kingdom
VENUE: Oldham Theatre Workshop
The Wedding 09/05/2011

The Wedding is an innovative new kind of theatre production that encourages the audience to interact with the cast and crew… and you are invited!

‘The Wedding’ was unique in that it used social media to follow four of the key characters on Twitter and Facebook in the build up to the ‘big day’. The bride, best man, the groom’s mother and the wedding planner all posted regular story updates for the audience to follow prior to the show.Sarah Nelson, Creative Director for The Wedding, said:

“The Wedding is our most ambitious show to date. For the first time young people from across the globe will be able to take part in an Oldham Theatre Workshop show. All the cast and crew from our Actors House group are working really hard but they are all sworn to secrecy about what will happen on the performance day!”

Actors House creates a range of original productions, from conception through to performance, under the guidance of a professional director. The group gives our older performers the chance to develop skills alongside trained theatre professionals and take the next steps towards a future career in the arts. And providing everyone makes it to the church in time for The Wedding we will be looking to further extend our Actors House experimental work.

“Long-term we hope to build on this and create a Twitter soap opera,” says James Atherton, Oldham Theatre Workshop’s Artistic Director.

“Working in collaboration with partners and community groups the aim is to create a year-long show that highlights a range of topical issues relevant to our young people.”

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