An opportunity to be a part of an Applied Theatre Project exploring Gender and Discrimination in Europe.

This is an opportunity for 4 participants to be part of an 18 month Applied Theatre Project in Europe, working alongside participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, UK, Poland, Georgia and Slovakia


What is the project about?

People throughout the world face numerous forms of gender-based discrimination across sectors and are subject to; discriminatory dismissal, overtly discriminatory job advertisements, absence of equal pay for work of equal value, unequal opportunities in educational institutions and families. 

In order to participate in civil society activities, women and girls in rural or sub-rural areas need access to basic services, such as: education, professional development sources, cultural activities and other various activities aiming to empower them for further personal development.

How will the project work?

Participants will be involved in European visits, theatre and discussion-based workshops, performance opportunities, social media campaigns. 


The Performator project will; 

-explore methodology of youth work in gender topics;

-promote awareness of the dangers of discrimination including xenophobia, sexism and all forms of discrimination.

– enhance the awareness of the principles of human rights and encourage young people to recognize the value of cultural diversity

-actively explore other cultures and belief systems with an open mind;

-promote EQUITY as the universal value of modern society;


Key Dates

European Training Course, Georgia
9th – 16th March 2020

Job Shadowing & Devising Project, UK    
15th – 25th June 2020

A Transnational Meeting – Poland
8th – 11th October 2020

A Youth Exchange in Georgia
15th – 22nd January 2021

Local Performance Project, UK       
February – April 2021

A Seminar in Slovakia     
17th – 21st May 2021

A Conference in Georgia      
22nd – 25th September 2021

Performator - Application Form

  • Please check your availability for the dates of the Performator project before applying.  
  • This is an application process; applications will be assessed by the Oldham Theatre Workshop team and successful participants informed before 20th February 2020. This application is not confirmation that you will be a participant.
  • We will send out detailed information about the project and the initial training course once participants have been selected
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