Photography, Filming & Audio Consent Form

Oldham Theatre Workshop may generate material with participants and this content may include photography, film or audio. We may distribute this material as part of performances or for promotional purposes and images may appear on our website or official social media channels. We will not share this material with any third parties without prior consent.

Please note, any individual captured in an image can withdraw their consent even after having signed the consent form. Any such withdrawal should be made in writing and sent to

For more information please see our privacy statement:

Oldham Theatre Workshop will not share your personal details without permission and will store photographs and filmed footage securely.

Please note; you must be a parent or legal guardian of the named participant to submit (digitally sign) this form. If the OTW member is 18+ they can complete the form on their own behalf.

  • Your Consent

  • I give consent to Oldham Theatre Workshop to publish, republish, or otherwise transmit still, moving images and audio of my young person (myself if 18+) for the purposes of:

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