Under The Skin - Performance Confirmation

Now that you have successfully booked your performance of 'Under The Skin' by Oldham Theatre Workshop. Please complete this form to ensure our visit to you runs as smoothly as possible
  • Please confirm the date and time you selected when booking 'Under The Skin for your school'.
  • The school contact should be the best person for us to communicate with in the lead up to us performing at your school.
  • Ideally we would like to perform in the school hall. We will need a large clear space with loose seating for up to 80 participants. We will bring our own set and set up the chairs in the hall when we arrive.
  • The project is aimed at year 7 & 8 students.
  • This interactive performance is designed for 2 classes of young people (In total a maximum of 80).
  • We will require a minimum of 2 standard plug sockets. We will provide any extension cables and ensure all cables are secured safely.
  • We will need a minimum of 30 minutes in the space before the students arrive.
  • We will need a minimum of 30 minutes in the space after the students have left.
  • Please include any bells or times when noise levels might rise (building or maintenance work).
  • We will have a long wheelbase transit van. It would be great if we were able to park as near to the performance space as possible.
  • Although our priority is parking our van at your venue we would be grateful if you could also provide us with a space for our car.

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